Born into a family of artists and designers, I was bound to end up in a creative field. My passion for theatre began in high school while volunteering in the costume shop for their production of Scrooge. In this production, I was able to do wardrobe and work backstage during the run, which sparked my interest in the fast-paced world of theatre, and I knew I needed to get my hands on more. It was then that I realized theatre is the greatest form of art and adventure. Seeing my hard work in action on stage for all to see is the ultimate gift. Costumes have always been the first and foremost interest I had, but throughout the years, I have come to appreciate all aspects of theatre. By extending my passion beyond costumes, I have accumulated a strong set of skills in crafts, props, and hair & makeup in both artisan and design. Studying at Oklahoma State University opened my skillset up to a new range of abilities. Starting my freshman year, I was able to put my hands in almost all productions or projects OSU had produced over my four years. In May 2014, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in costume technology and design. Before graduation, I had already landed a job with City Theatre Company in Pittsburgh, PA to start the following fall season as their overhire in the costume shop & production assistant dresser. After graduation, I spent the summer at Dallas Theater Center as an over hire stitcher in their costume shop on the production of Les Miserables

Four years later, I still reside in Pittsburgh, PA working for City Theatre Company in Southside, but am on my second year as the Costume Shop Manager. I also work as a freelance designer with a few local theatre companies.